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However, a year later, the liberation movement has lost most of that energy, absorbed by a presidential election and calls for restoration instead of transformation.


Uprise DMV is an unprecedented 4-hour virtual festival consisting of panels and performances, bringing artists and activists together to tackle pressing generational issues and envision a way forward in the spirit of collective liberation.  


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Following the summer of 2020 uprisings over the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless other Black citizens by the state, a spirit of radical reckoning for the systems responsible for their deaths was felt in the DMV and worldwide.  

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Uprise DMV attendees have the freedom to pay what they can for a ticket to our festival. In this way, Uprise DMV can be enjoyed by everyone and we can offer the most accessible event possible.

Our PWYC scale offers the following tickets you can choose from:

  • $0 (Ticket fee waiver)

  • $5 (Recommended for everyone

  • $10 (Pay-it-forward)

  • $15 (Recommended for well-established business owners)

  • $50 (Recommended if you want to support Uprise DMV 2022)

  • $100 (Recommended if you’d like to help NUNAR Magazine donate to the DMV non-profits and organizers involved in this event.)


Our recommendations are only recommendations. Uprise DMV Attendees are free to choose whichever ticket they’d like. But if you vibe with a recommended ticket and are able to choose it, we ask that you do!

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